Wednesday Bogey Warriors - Borås, Sweden - 20/05/2015

Today's tournament was all about pingolf, but instead of the 3-5 game courses I've played earlier, this was a 24 machine marathon!

I teamed up with OMO and started grinding away. Many of the goals weren't that hard per se, but the ball is wild and at times something dead easy turned really annoying if you really had to go for it.

Starting the quick multiball on Indiana Jones, video mode in Fish Tales and double bonus in Wizard had their heart stopping saves and such, but still happened during the first ball.

Then some, like getting 3X bonus in the Addams Family or Whiplash in the Iron man just were so damn unlucky.

Playing through all the 24 games took pretty much all night, but the tournament format was fun and knowing the rule sheets really helped finding shortcuts on some goals. One such example was finishing a motocross level in the No Fear. People bogied on that one even when advancing the motocross was one of the skill shot options!

In the end me and OMO tied on the score. We felt like 65 on this course was pretty okayish score, but I was really surprised we actually made it to the top-10 with all these international star players around. Still, for the longest time I once again had fun time playing.

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